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Rob Thomson Jupiter: What We Do

When the founder of Waterfront Properties and Club Communities Joan Thomson retired from the real estate industry in 2010, her successor and son, Rob Thomson has been at the forefront of the business ever since. Rob currently leads his 80+ agents in selling luxury properties. Being one of the most respected real estate firms in the industry, Rob Thomson enjoys his agents’ abilities to provide their clients with every resource and support there is to help them with the process of purchasing their dream home. With agents specializing in the different fields of real estate, Waterfront Properties’ clients are assured that they will find what they’re looking for in their homes. Not only that, but the company is equipped with the most advanced digital tools that make it easier for them to connect both local and international buyers.

At Waterfront Properties, we strive to be the best. Whether you’re looking for a two-bedroom with a vast living room or a five-bedroom mansion with massive pools, we have the right tools to help you navigate through the world of real estate. Under the effective leadership of Rob Thomson, we are constantly adapting and evolving to provide top-notch services to our beloved clients. At Waterfront Properties and Club Communities, we strive to become the best.

Who Is Rob Thomson?

With over three decades of experience and 1 billion dollars in sales within the industry, it’s no wonder why Rob Thomson is ranked as one of the top-performing real estate brokers in the country. Through aggressive growth, Waterfront Properties and Club Communities have dominated the real estate sales from Treasure Cove to Palm Beach. With the help of his state-of-the-art internet marketing strategies and wide global presence, Rob Thomson created a firm that delivers results surpassing the expectations of his clients.

Practically born into the real estate industry, Rob Thomson definitely has his mind fixed on the price. In his 10 years of leadership, he has received multiple awards and closed high volume transactions which earned him a nod from different reputable publishers. His efforts of building an empire is largely owed to his aggressive digital marketing strategies.

Rob Thomson’s influence is greater than the four walls of his company. Through his interactions with the different real estate agents and the local community. Rob has come up with endless amounts of ways to give back to the community and those in need.

Why Waterfront Properties?

With their state-of-the-art tools and unlimited resources, choosing Waterfront Properties and Club Communities as your partner in finding or selling your home is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Being in the industry for over 30 years now, Waterfront Properties has been known for its unrivaled real estate service. With our agents doubling the work they put in, the Waterfront team have made the company the better choice not just for agents, but for sellers and buyers, as well.
The internet is truly a powerful tool. And Rob Thomson knew that. By taking advantage of the web and the ever-evolving technological advances, he created an online platform that both his clients and agents can take advantage of. Because of this, he was able to provide his clients all over the world with a better and more convenient process of buying and selling. Waterfront’s websites are a treasure cove of resources for its company’s elite agents. By taking advantage of the internet, Waterfront agents can save time, and every minute they save means another minute devoted to advertising and selling our clients’ properties.

Waterfront Properties is also known for its marketing prowess. Over the years, Rob Thomson and his agents have always put importance on the relationship that they create with their clients. They want them to treat the agents as an ally rather than just another person selling their home. Owing to their determined work ethic, detailed business insight, and stellar negotiation strategies, clients who have worked with Rob Thomson and his agents have nothing but praises for him and his Waterfront team.

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